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Fatbike cycling in Finnish Lapland

Fatbike cycling in Finnish Lapland

Fatbike cycling in Finnish Lapland during spring, summer, and autumn offers a variety of equally stunning experiences as it does in winter. As spring arrives and the snow melts, Lapland awakens to vibrant greenery.

In spring and early summer, fatbike enthusiasts can enjoy cycling on snow-free trails and roads, exploring the beautiful landscapes of Lapland while basking in the warmth of the sun and the scents of summer.

During the summer months, fatbike cycling provides a unique opportunity to explore Lapland's nature and scenery. Pedaling along forest trails, rivers, and lakes allows cyclists to admire waterfalls or enjoy picnics amidst the serene woodland. The midnight sun of summer also enables cycling around the clock for those eager to seize the moment.

In autumn, Lapland is adorned with stunning fall colors, enhancing the allure of fatbike adventures. Cycling through forests and across fells, cyclists can marvel at the crimson hues of deciduous trees and the golden glow of birches. The autumnal ambiance adds an unforgettable dimension to fatbike exploration.

Whether you're a novice or seasoned fatbike cyclist, Finland's spring, summer, and autumn in Lapland offer breathtaking experiences and opportunities to connect with the northern wilderness and landscapes. Remember to always equip yourself appropriately and respect nature and local regulations and guidelines.

Riding E-fatbike is easy to learn and a lot of fun. The trail is an old gravel road built by Germans during World War II, following the run of the river Skirhasjoki. After reaching the treeline you will see snow covered fell tops of Finland, Sweden and Norway. The gravel road disappears 1,5 km before the top of Fell Jehkas. We will reach the summit of Jehkas either walking or e-biking. Includes

Minibys + cycling 130 € per person

Duration: 3h

The prices includes guiding, hot juice, pastry, e-bike, helmet, transportation, pick up from accommodation within the Kilpisjärvi area, insurance and VAT. The guides will take photographs which are available to the customers free of charge. The guides speak Finnish and English.

If you would like to have pick up and drop off to the tours from your resort, please inform the resort name and ask for pick up while making booking. You can ask it in additional information section. Please note the pick up and drop off is made in the reception of resort in Kilpisjärvi village area and you have to order it.

Available between 1.Jun to 25.Sep.

All tours are arranged in accordance to weather conditions. The rates mentioned are for a minimum of three participants, for smaller numbers ask for an offer.

Kilpissafarit, established in 1995, is a Kilpisjärvi-based outdoor activity company.

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