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Autumn in Lapland 2024

Autumn in Lapland 2024

Autumn in Lapland

Autumn in Lapland is a beautiful and peaceful time to travel. The nature is dressed in colorful shades, and the air is clear and crisp. Autumn is also a good time to see the Northern Lights.

If you are considering a trip to Lapland in autumn, here are a few tips:

Travel in early or late September, when the fall foliage is at its peak.
Book your accommodation in advance, especially if you are traveling to a popular destination.
Pack warm clothes, as the weather can be cold.
Don't forget to bring a camera, as you will definitely want to capture the beauty of autumn in Lapland.
Here are a few ideas of what you can do in Lapland in autumn:

Go hiking or biking.
Enjoy the nature and the peace and quiet.
Go fishing or hunting.
Enjoy the Northern Lights.
Visit a museum or gallery.
Taste local delicacies, such as reindeer, mushrooms, and berries.
Autumn in Lapland is a unique and unforgettable experience. If you have not yet visited Lapland, I highly recommend that you visit in autumn.

Accommodation Kilpisjärvi

At Tundrea, it is good – to just be.
Welcome to experience unforgettable evenings and unique days at Tundrea!
Tundrea Igloo House
Luxury accommodation in Igloo folds 360 degrees of pleasure in melting into the Aurora borealis and universe.
Three characteristic igloo houses invite you to delve into unforgettable evenings in the magical fell nature of Kilpisjärvi. Stay in warm glass roofed Igloo House gives you the best chance to see northern light in Lapland. Kilpisjärvi has the most hours of auroras in Finland. Here you enjoy the silence and peace while falling asleep under the stars.
Our two-storey luxury igloo is fully equipped and it can accommodate 2-6 people.

At Tundrea, it is good – to just be.