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The Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida is located in Inari village and you can book visit to Siida from Hotel Korpikartano. Siida provides information on the ancient and vibrant Sámi culture and on arctic nature. If you are interested in the local culture Siida museum is a must to visit.

The exhibitions will show how nature and people have adapted to extreme conditions of the Northern environment. Wonderful photos, videos, dioramas, soundcapes and original artefacts guide you through past and present time.

Sarrit restaurant can be found on the second floor of the building and you can have a lunch or coffee break there. First floor of the museum you can find a museum shop with souvenirs and handicrafts.

On the way to museum you will see the Sámi parliament building and Sajos cultural centre. On the way back you will have a change to stop in a souvenir shop in the village.

Hotel Korpikartano is open all year around. You can contact us to book your stay by email at [email protected]

At Hotel Korpikartano you can experience the beauty of nature in quiet and cosy accommodation with view on Menesjärvi lake. We offer hotel rooms and studios with kitchen in two separate accommodation buildings for a total of 28 rooms.

Hotel Korpikartano is located in Menesjärvi, Finnish Lapland a small Sámi village on Lake Menesjärvi. The bigger village of Inari, known as the centre of Finnish Sami culture is just a 30-minute drive away. Until 2005 Korpikartano served as a Sami village school for children in the surrounding areas and in 2009 it opened its doors to guests.

Hotel Korpikartano is near by of Lemmenjoki National Park, Finland’s largest national park. Hotel Korpikartano’s is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet. Aurora season is long in Menesjärvi and Inari and Hotel Korpikartano is famous among aurora hunters.

Welcome to the luxury of nature and silence!

Hotel Korpikartano

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