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Midsummer is approaching

Midsummer is approaching

Finland -Midsummer is just around the corner

Midsummer is approaching!
Midsummer is just around the corner, and it is one of Finland's most beloved holidays. It is celebrated on June 21-22, 2024. Midsummer Eve is a Friday and is a day off for most workplaces. Midsummer Day, on Saturday, is an official public holiday and Flag Day of Finland.

Relaxing at the cottage

The most popular Midsummer activity for Finns is undoubtedly spending time at the cottage. Families and friends gather at cottages to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and spend time together. Popular pastimes include saunas, swimming, boating, grilling, and outdoor games. Sitting on the pier and enjoying the scenery is also an essential part of Midsummer.

Delicious Midsummer food
Of course, Midsummer also includes delicious food. Traditionally, many kinds of delicacies have been enjoyed at Ukko's feast. The regionally varied dishes include, for example, muurinpohjalettu (pancakes cooked in a campfire), red Midsummer cheese, milk porridge, egg milk, and various cheeses.
Nowadays, the Midsummer table is filled with many seasonal delicacies, such as new potatoes, domestic vegetables, and strawberries. Fish, herring, and grilled food are also popular. The most popular Midsummer grill delicacy is often the sausage.

Finland is calling!
Planning a trip to Finland? Summer and autumn are both great times to experience the wonders of Finland. The rural landscapes, delicious food, and unique culture make Finland a paradise for everyone. Come and experience an unforgettable adventure and enjoy the sauna, which is an essential part of the Finnish way of life!
Welcome to Finland in summer or autumn 2024!