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Luxury Igloo House-Kilpisjärvi

Luxury Igloo House-Kilpisjärvi

At Tundrea, it is good – to just be.

Finland’s most impressive fell nature beats at the heart of Kilpisjärvi. It invites you to form a connection with the sense of infinity, below the Northern Lights. At the base of holy fell Saana time stands still. Timelessness and freshness leaves its mark and attracts people again and again to Kilpisjärvi.
We get the best of all tourists.

Our community is warm and our location is perfect at the very shore of the clear-watered Lake Kilpisjärvi. All of our accommodations opens out to beautiful fell landscapes. Our wide selection of accommodation options are able to respond to the needs of both big and small groups without forgetting about romantic destinations – from experiential accommodation to cabins and apartments
– always keeping privacy in mind.

Welcome to experience unforgettable evenings and unique days at Tundrea!

Tundrea Igloo House
Luxury accommodation in Igloo folds 360 degrees of pleasure in melting into the Aurora borealis and universe.

Three characteristic igloo houses invite you to delve into unforgettable evenings in the magical fell nature of Kilpisjärvi. Stay in warm glass roofed Igloo House gives you the best chance to see northern light in Lapland. Kilpisjärvi has the most hours of auroras in Finland. Here you enjoy the silence and peace while falling asleep under the stars.

Our two-storey luxury igloo is fully equipped and it can accommodate 2-6 people.


Igloo House “Arctic spirit”

Heading to a Lappish man’s sense of atmosphere along a red carpet, for you who wants to see
your stars in the dark. The interior has been created from the love of Lapland, and its themes are repeated in this cosy luxury igloo.

Igloo House “Eternity”

The interior design, which exudes the limitlessness of space takes you on a journey to the
gleam of the Northern Lights. The round shapes of the universe repeat themselves in this
luxury igloo, in both its snow white walls and its high-quality materials. Modern luxury for you who seeks beauty.

Igloo House “Infinity”

Infinity times Infinity is forever. The theme of this igloo comes from the igloo’s interior design
creator’s, Matti Korva’s, love for the importance of the universe and the courage to listen to
its messages. The gold nuggets of the mind are panned in the whirls of eternity because they
provide the light of the soul’s inspiration. Forget about littleness and climb the stairs of
realisation to the command bridge of the infinite sky. – Because you matter.

At Tundrea, it is good – to just be.