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Kainuu -UkkoHalla

Kainuu -UkkoHalla

In the summer and autumn, explore the various hiking trails, ride a mountain bike down the slopes or visit the nearby gorges and waterfalls. Lake Syväjärvi is in the center of Ukkohalla Resort offering water sports, swimming and relaxation. A private river nearby is a unique destination to explore the Finnish nature and go picking berrys, mushrooms or even for a private fishing trip.

The highlight of your summer

A short and flexible wakeboard, a tall towing system and the lower speed of the towing cable allow even beginners to try wakeboarding safely and easily. The Ukkohalla cable wakeboarding park is suitable for everyone from beginners to pros. Our experienced staff will teach you the basics and can even give you tips for going over the kickers as well!

Cable wakeboarding requires the same skills as surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding: strength, technique and creativity that will develop once you gain more experience. Most of the best wakeboarders are familiar with at least one of these sports and are able to do cool tricks and big jumps off the kickers.

The towing speed is about 30 km/ per hour.


Ukkohalla Resort village is located in the middle of the highest ridges of Arctic Lakeland by Lake Syväjärvi

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