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History of the Palosaari Reindeer Farm-Kuusamo

History of the Palosaari Reindeer Farm-Kuusamo

Palosaari Reindeer Farm: A Year in the Life of a Reindeer Farm

In this series, we will follow the Palosaari Reindeer Farm throughout the year. We will report on the daily life of the farm, from the fall and winter months to the spring and summer.

History of the Palosaari Reindeer Farm

The Palosaari Reindeer Farm was founded by Juho Jalmari Palosaari. The first building on the farm, Old House, was built in 1920. When visiting the Old House handicraft shop, you can feel the peaceful and homely atmosphere of the house, which has served as a residential building for three generations. In addition to local handicrafts, the shop also sells reindeer meat, reindeer hides, and reindeer antlers, in various forms. It is also possible to learn about historical objects that have been used on the farm.

The family has been working with reindeer for six generations. In 1963, Jalmari's son Reino started farming on the farm and in 1975 acquired his own reindeer herd, which had been transferred to his uncle after the Second World War. In 1982, Reino's daughter Satu also received her first reindeer brand. Reino passed on his reindeer to his children in 2009 after working in reindeer herding for almost 40 years.

Tourism activities on the farm began in 1998.

Reinon's daughter Satu, together with her husband Mika Lappalainen, continues in Reino's footsteps the traditional Kuusamo reindeer industry as well as tourism activities in the form of programs related to reindeer, fishing, nature, and well-being. Today, you can also find members of the next generation participating in the farm's work.

The farm is still the home of the Palosaari family. Here you can learn about the real and authentic life in the Kuusamo countryside. We are also happy to tell you as much as possible about reindeer, reindeer herding, and our real life with reindeer.

Welcome to be our guest at the reindeer farm