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Finnish Rural Tourism/Autumn-Winter 2023

Finnish Rural Tourism/Autumn-Winter 2023

Finnish Rural Tourism

Finnish rural tourism is a popular activity for both Finns and foreigners. It offers a chance to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Finland, learn about Finnish culture and lifestyle, and try new activities.

If you are interested in rural tourism, there are many different destinations to choose from in Finland. You can choose a destination that is close to home or a more remote destination where you can take a longer trip. Rural tourism destinations can be found all over Finland, so you can find one that suits your interests and needs.

Rural tourism is a great way to experience Finland's stunning natural beauty and culture. It is also a good way to relax and enjoy life. If you have not tried rural tourism before, I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed!

Here are some of the activities and attractions that you can enjoy on a rural tourism trip in Finland:

  • Hiking and trekking
  • Cycling
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Hunting
  • Horse riding
  • Rural museums
  • Farm visits
  • Craft markets
  • Restaurants that serve local delicacies
  • Accommodations where you can experience rural life

I hope you have a wonderful time on your rural tourism trip to Finland!