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Crepes with Smoked Salmon

Crepes with Smoked Salmon

Finnish Summer around a Bonfire with Family and Friends
Finnish summer is filled with unique experiences that you can't find anywhere else. One of them is the moment when family and friends gather around a bonfire to enjoy each other's company and the beauty of nature.

The warmth of the bonfire and the slight smell of smoke create an atmosphere that will stay in your memory forever. These are the moments when everyday worries are forgotten and we can focus on the most important things in life.

Stories are told, songs are sung, and delicious food is enjoyed by the bonfire. Togetherness and shared experiences create strong bonds and memories that last a lifetime.

Crepes with Smoked Salmon

These filled crepes are the perfect treat to enjoy by the bonfire. Easy and delicious smoked salmon filling crowns the pancake-sized pancakes. Since smoked fish is already salty, add a little salt to the dough and filling.


Pancake batter:

25 g margarine
5 dl milk
2 pcs eggs
1 1/2 dl wheat flour
1 dl barley flour
1/4 tsp salt
Smoked salmon filling:

300 g smoked salmon
1 dl crème fraîche
1/4 tsp black peppercorns, crushed
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 pcs (bunch) dill
For frying:


Melt the margarine and let it cool for a moment. Whisk the milk and eggs in a bowl. Stir in the flour and salt. Finally, add the margarine. Let the batter rise for about half an hour.
Prepare the filling. Remove the skin and bones from the fish. Cut the fish into pieces and mix it with the crème fraîche. Season the mixture with pepper, lemon juice and chopped dill. Put the filling in the refrigerator while frying the pancakes.
Heat the fat in a pan and fry the dough into large, pancake-sized pancakes. Serve the pancakes with smoked salmon filling.

You can replace some of the wheat flour with oat or spelt flour if you like.
If you want the pancakes to be a little sweeter, you can add a little sugar or honey to the batter.
You can also try seasoning the smoked salmon filling with other herbs, such as chives or parsley.
Serve the pancakes with sour cream, lemon slices and dill.
Enjoy your meal!

Enjoy the Finnish summer and the warmth of the bonfire!