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Come and experience the luxury of silence / Hotel Korpikartano

Come and experience the luxury of silence / Hotel Korpikartano

❄️ Welcome to Finland and Inari- Lapland Winter 2023-2024❄️
Snowmobile trip, Husky Safari, Snowshoeing, and so more...
Our wilderness guides are ready for this winter! ❄️
Husky safari on Menesjärvi lake is definitely interesting way to explore the surrounding nature.

Experience the Lappish nature with these lovely and friendly huskies and join them for a hike. Feel the nature through the senses of these energetic animals and try to study the surrounding nature like a husky. Husky hike is a perfect way to connect better with the nature.

Together with your husky guide and professional musher guide you will be exploring the surrounding nature of Hotel Korpikartano. Huskies are happy to run and walk so this tour is more intensive than normal walking. Don’t worry though, they will wait for you. We recommend wearing good walking or hiking boots, outdoor clothing and water.

At Hotel Korpikartano you can experience the beauty of nature in quiet and cosy accommodation with view on Menesjärvi lake. We offer hotel rooms and studios with kitchen in two separate accommodation buildings for a total of 28 rooms.

Hotel Korpikartano is located in Menesjärvi, Finnish Lapland a small Sámi village on Lake Menesjärvi. The bigger village of Inari, known as the centre of Finnish Sami culture is just a 30-minute drive away. Until 2005 Korpikartano served as a Sami village school for children in the surrounding areas and in 2009 it opened its doors to guests.

Hotel Korpikartano is near by of Lemmenjoki National Park, Finland’s largest national park. Hotel Korpikartano’s is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet. Aurora season is long in Menesjärvi and Inari and Hotel Korpikartano is famous among aurora hunters.

Welcome to the luxury of nature and silence!

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