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Autumn "Ruska" is the time in Finland when the trees and plants are changing their summer green dress to beautiful red, yellow, purple, orange, pink, and brown colors.
Winter usually begins in mid-October in Lapland and during November in the rest of Finland,

though not until December in the southwestern archipelago.

Unique experiential holidays in a group, with the family or as a couple.
Find the right one for you: The experiential accommodation’s sensory igloos are for 2-4 people, chalets for 2-8 people and apartments for 2-4 people.

We provide traditional cosiness as well as luxury, always without compromising on practicality.

Experiential accommodation

Evenings do not repeat themselves when you are surrounded by the basic elements of life. Fall asleep while gazing into the fire, wake up to the murmur of the stream, be taken away by the dance of the Northern Lights... In experiential accommodation, you will enjoy the presence offire, water and the sky - moments that last an eternity. Experiential accommodation varies according to the season.

Tundrea Igloo House

The opportunities of the infinite sky blow elegance into these nights. The soft bed and glazed ceiling invite you to indulge in unforgettable evenings in the magical fell nature. Our two-storey bove-ordinary luxury igloo can accommodate 2-6 people.

Tsahkal Suite

The modern and stylish suite for the last slow dance of the evening while the Northern Lights perform above Saana. The suite, which is situated in the middle of the fell birches, breathes in the urrounding nature through its large windows. Two people can comfortably accommodate themselves in the suites. Available with double beds or twin beds.


Enjoy breakfast at the warmth of the fireplace while gazing out at the fells. At the chalets, you can be charmed by the Northern Lights on your own terrace and run to the snow from the sauna without a worry in the world! Our log chalets have a private sauna, heat-reserving fireplace, terrace and kitchen with all amenities. The cosy and practical chalets can accommodate 2-8 people.

Apartment accommodation

For those that appreciate spaciousness and practicality, there are apartments with a private sauna and kitchen. Excellently suited for families travelling together and active holidaymakers. Select the best apartment for you from among three locations: In the vicinity of services, at the shores of Tsahkaljohka stream or the shore of Kilpisjärvi lake. The apartments can comfortably accommodate 2-4 people.

Camping accommodation

Tundrea Camping offers hikers with holiday village services all year round. With us, you can accommodate with electric hookups or tent places as well as in Unna cabins at the vicinity of services. Little Unna cabins offer a bed for visitors during the summer season. The beloved little log cabins provide accommodation for two people.

Other accommodation facilities in Lapland

Luongasloma cabins

At Enontekiö, in the village of Kuttanen, surrounded by the murmur of Luongaskoski Rapids, there are three fully equipped, traditional log cabins, which invite you to the forests, go fishing and explore the wilderness. Each cabin has a fireplace, a sauna and a private swimming area. The two bedrooms and loft comfortably accommodate 4-6 people

Kätkäsuvanto chalet

Kätkäsuvanto offers a perfect milieu for a relaxing holiday in Lapland. The private beach and shoreside sauna, fell landscapes, fish-rich waters, wilderness and hunting grounds, and the fully equipped log cabin offer four stars worth of experiences. Located in Kätkäsuvanto in Yli-Muonio.

At Tundrea, it is good – to just be.