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Lady Shaman ́s visit

Lady Shaman ́s visit is suitable for a welcome or departure ceremony for tourists or as a program number for events or cel­e­bra­tions.
Lady Shaman welcomes guests to Kuusamo. She tells a short story about life here in the realm of reindeer, based on the life of reindeer herders because the family of Lady Shaman has been reindeer herders for several gen­er­a­tions.
With the forces of nature, she performs magic, ensuring that all good memories of the trip are etched in the visitor’s mind. She also gives in­struc­tions for a happy life while taking the guests into her own pro­tec­tion so that they are safe and always welcome back to Kuusamo.

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Palosaaren poro- ja kalas­tusti­la- Reindeer and fishing farm

Meskus­vaarantie 66,
93999 Kuusamo
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Lady Shaman ́s visit




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