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Con­quer­ing Halti
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See what the world looks like at the highest point of Finland, 1324 m above sea level. The snowmobile trail from Kilpisjärvi to Halti runs through the magnificent fell wilderness. The border cairn on the top of fell Halti is a unique attraction between Norway and Finland. Here you can write your name in the Halti guest book.  You can preorder box lunch for 14 €. Available after mid February.

Kilpissafarit is established by Hannu Rauhala, who was working as a border guard in Kilpisjärvi since 1973. Nowadays Kilpissafarit is run by his children, Johanna Rauhala-Siivonen and Jussi Rauhala. In addition to Hannu, Johanna, and Jussi, Kilpissafarit have several local guides, who know the area and the quickly changing conditions extremely well.

Kilpis­sa­far­it, es­tab­lished in 1995,
is a Kilpisjärvi-based program service company.

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Conquering Halti



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