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Waterfall Hep­oköngäs
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As a nature sight, Hepoköngäs is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Finland,  earned its place as one of the best sights in Kainuu. as it is a refreshing and beautiful place in the middle of Kainuu's coniferous forests. The water flows like a foaming ribbon down the cliff and into a lake, making the entire lake heave. It is easy to get to admire the fall both from the top and from the lake shore, from where you can see the entire fall.


Panoramic House
demanding luxury
Panoramic House's large landscape windows open up the endless and arctic Kainuu wilderness landscape in three different directions. The cottage is located at the highest point of the Arctic Giant, offering its residents immediate peace and quietness, As part of nature.

The cottage is surrounded by a large terrace, from which it is possible to watch both sunsets and sunrises, as well as endless starry skies and northern lights. What’s more relaxing than watching these natural phenomena from the gentle heat of your outdoor hot tub.

The Panoramic House is tastefully decorated without forgetting comfort. For those who demand an atmosphere, a glass-doored fireplace crowns the whole. The luxury atmosphere of the cottage is perfect for wedding couples and couples as well as families.



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