Seasons Spring -Summer-Autumn 2022

Palosaaren poro- ja kalastustila- Reindeer and fishing farm

MLGuiding is Mika’s guiding service – making your fishing holiday an experience to remember.

In a past life Mika worked in the Finnish Army as a training officer and in 2009 started his guiding services.

Mika is a passionate fly fisherman and he has turned his dear hobby into a guiding service which will help you during your trip. (Also snowmobiling is one of his passions and he can organize long distance/few days trip to Sweden and Russia!)

It doesn’t matter if you are beginner or advanced fisherman, Mika can help you right at the start or give you some new approaches to your casting or fishing techniques.

Kuusamo area is familiar because he lives there but also in Swedish and Finnish Lapland there are waters which he has been fishing for over 20 years. Mika’s knowledge is legendary and over the years he has built a network of companies and guides to provide the very best possible service for you.

Ammanäs or Kiruna in Sweden or Varzina in Russia alongside rivers in Kuusamo are his home.

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MLGuiding is Mika’s guiding service

Meskusvaarantie 66,
93999 Kuusamo
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