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Welcome to Kuusamo  Winter 2021-2022

Reindeer Farm visit with long reindeer drive

You get to drive a reindeer yourself. You can feed the reindeers and have a picnic by the fire.

Have you ever driven a reindeer sleigh? Under our guidance you get to drive a reindeer yourself and enjoy a merry sleigh ride. You will steer a reindeer through a 1.5-km sleigh track in a snowy forest.

We will also visit the reindeer enclosure where you can take photos and learn about the ways of reindeer. Have you heard the snap of their nails or the sound of them munching their special treat, lichen? Did you know that the appearance of reindeer changes all the time, because they shed their winter coats in spring, and lose and re-grow their antlers every year?

When the reindeer have had their treats, we will go on to the open fire at Kammi shelter where it is your turn to enjoy campfire coffee, reindeer sausages and comb-shaped pastries.

We will gladly tell you stories about the ancient traditions in reindeer herding.

Finally, we will visit the crafts shop at the historic 100-year-old farmhouse living room.

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Palosaaren poro- ja kalas­tusti­la- Reindeer and fishing farm

Meskus­vaarantie 66,
93999 Kuusamo
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Reindeer Farm visit with long reindeer drive



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